Driveway Sealing

Driveway Sealing

Why Seal your driveway?

Asphalt deteriorates over time, it requires regular sealing to retard the effects of ice and snow, water damage, and deterioration caused by direct sunlight. Sealing the driveway regularly will extend the life of the asphalt and delay the requirement for more costly repairs involving paving. If your driveway has deteriorated to a point where it requires replacement or repair, click here.

The Service

For your custom quote, we will provide the following services.

  • Clear dirt and debris, using wirebrushes and leaf blowers to ensure the driveway is as clean as possible before the sealer is applied. We are unable to remove vegetation, please treat and remove weeds and moss on the driveway prior to us coming.
  • Treat chemical stains using a petro-seal primer to eliminate all but the most severe chemical stains.
  • Treat most singular cracks that are 1/4″ wide or greater with a heavy liquid crack filler. We do not fill surface or spiderweb cracks, they will still be visible (click here for examples of cracks that will or will not be filled). This will protect the cracks from further deterioration caused by adverse weather conditions. Note that cracks that have been filled will dry darker than the sealer and cracks will re-appear with time.
  • Seal the entire driveway by hand using squeegees. We apply a heavy coating of SealMaster® rubberized asphalt emulsion sealer, guaranteed for two years for any peeling or flaking. This helps to extend the life of the asphalt, and leaving the driveway with a rich, black, matte finish. Click here for examples of completed driveways.
  • Block off the driveway to traffic with bright, plastic caution tape.

The Day of the Work

  • We could arrive to seal your driveway anytime between 8am and 5pm, no one needs to be home for us to do the work. If you would like a more narrow time window, call the office any time after 7am on the morning of the work.
  • Please have the driveway clear and the cars in the street by 8am on the morning of the work. We will knock on the door prior to starting the work to try to ensure no cars are trapped in the garage.
  • If there is a threat of inclement weather, we will contact you no later than 9am on the morning of the appointment to re-schedule.
  • We request payment before or at the time of service. Please leave a check, made payable to ‘Academy Sealers’, either taped to the front door or under the door mat for our crew to collect.
  • The cars must stay off of the driveway for 24 hours after the work is complete. If there is deep shade or northern exposure on the driveway, it is best to stay off the driveway for 48 hours.
  • In early Spring or late Fall, when temperatures are lower and the driveway will not be exposed to as much sunlight, allow 48 hours before driving on the driveway, or 72 hours for very shady or northern-exposed driveways.
  • If you reside in a gated community, please contact security alerting them to the appointment so that our crew will be able to pass through.
  • If you have an issue with the work, please allow the driveway to fully dry and contact the office on 703-870-3840, we will do our best to rectify unresolved issues.

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