Replacement or Repair

Driveway Replacement and Repair

Asphalt deteriorates over time due a multitude of variables. Regular sealcoating helps to slow the deterioration of an asphalt driveway, but eventually the asphalt deteriorates to a point where it needs replacement or overlay.

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Asphalt replacement consists of:

  • Remove first layer of asphalt, up to 2.75″, and dispose of old material.
  • Lay 21A stone (if applicable), grade and compact.
  • Install 3″ SM 9.5A VDOT approved asphalt. Roll and condense asphalt to 2.5″ and compact surrounding edges for structural integrity

Asphalt overlay consists of:

  • Remove and dispose of loose/deteriorated asphalt where appropriate.
  • Add SM 9.5A VDOT approved asphalt to excavated areas.
  • Prep rest of surface for application of tack coat to assist proper bonding of new asphalt.
  • Level areas that are low and/or uneven with SM 9.5A VDOT approved asphalt.
  • Resurface with 2″ of SM 9.5A VDOT approved asphalt. Roll and compact to 1.5″ and compact edges for structural integrity.

We also offer hot asphalt repair for small potholes and depressions in your asphalt driveway. We patch small areas that require repair, while maintaining the existing asphalt driveway and avoiding the high costs of repaving.

For your quote, we will:

  • Excavate the required area to the asphalt base.
  • Install, grade and compact hot asphalt
  • Cut tie-in joints for a smooth transition
  • Clean and tack the seams of the patch